The River Kingdoms of Teliddia was founded on 1/1/2010. Teliddia is a MicroNation founded as a haven for Otherkin, particularly those who identified as Elves. It is known for taking the unique position of claiming bodies of water, nearby lakes and Rivers, as it's territory.


The Culture of Thexia is predominantly related to the Otherkin subculture, specifically the portion who identify themselves as 'Elves'.


Although general religious freedom is practiced within it's lands there is a large amount of those who practice some form of 'Creideamh Sí - or 'Sidhe' Faith', a collection of beliefs and practices observed by those who wish to keep good relationships with the Sidhe, communicate with them, and avoid angering them.

Claimed Lands

  1. Alfheim - 'Land Of The Elves'
  2. Ljosalfheim - home of the light-elves
  3. Svartalfheim - 'home of the black-elves'
  4. Tír Tairngire - 'land of promise/promised land'
  5. Tír na nÓg - 'Land of the young'
  6. Afon Afallach - 'River of Apples'

Disputed Lands

  • Thexia - Home of the spirit Thex
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